ShoreStation Boat Lifts

Heavier Materials. Stronger Winches. Better Cables.

ShoreStation Boat Lifts

In or out of the water in under a minute.

ShoreStation Boat Lifts offer four different styles to reliably power your lift: Hydraulic, Power Winch, Manual and PWC. Each lift is made to get your boat in and out of the water faster than other leading boat lifts. When seconds matter, ShoreStation Boat Lifts are #1.

Hydraulic Boat Lifts

ShoreStation Hydraulic Lifts offer a wireless operation that can be done from inside your home or cabin! Standard with each hydraulic lift are 2 remote transmitters and a backup up/down operation system dockside in case your remote is misplaced. Pivoting maintenance free aluminum/poly bunks are used to shoulder the weight of your boat while a corrosion free aluminum box protects the hydraulic pump and battery from damage. This “high-and-dry” system eliminates the need for costly repairs due to too much water damage.

ShoreStation Power Winch Boat Lifts

ShoreStation Power Winch Boat Lifts integrated designs are wirelessly operated and include a fully enclosed protective canopy. An adjustable upper limit and back wind sensor protect your lift from external damage.  The solar-powered system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on your dock for your convenience.

Manual Boat Lifts

Offering a smooth lift dependability, the ShoreStation Manual Winch is made for decades of service. Aluminum construction, stainless steel cables, poly/aluminum ultra bunks,  stainless steel/brass fasteners, and GAR-MAX pulley bearings make this Manual Winch Lift built to last. Bolt together construction eliminates the need for welding repairs in the future and adds to the strength of the lift. The Wheel Lock Mechanism safety feature is spring activated, so your lift can never lift too high.

PWC Lifts

Able to support up to 1,500lbs, ShoreStation PWC lifts are able to fit any size personal watercraft! Four available model options allow you to choose your lift storage location to fit the needs of your lakeshore property.

ShoreStation Lifts come with a variety of options including:

  • Vinyl Covers: Blue, Green, White, Tan, and Gray
  • Shore Screen Boat Protection
  • Canopy Lighting
  • Boat Guides and Stops

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