Floe Boat Lifts

Lifts and Canopies For Everyday Protection

FLOE Boat Lifts

Engineered with the finest components, FLOE lifts are corrosion-resistant and manufactured to last.

Vertical Lifts

Made to last, FLOE Vertical Lifts are made with stainless-steel fasteners and aluminum pulleys. Great for shallow water, these lifts give you easy access to the boat from both sides. With a patented Easy-Level Leg System, all you’ll need is a cordless drill to adjust the height of the lift’s legs. You’ll never have to get wet again to level your lift!

Winch Lifts

Made to make getting your boat out of the water a little easier are FLOE’s Winch Lifts. These lifts are available in several styles to accommodate fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, jet boats, and pontoons!

FLOE’s Winch Lifts come in two separate models depending on your needs:

  • Manual Winch Lift: A gear-reduced winch with an automatic load holding break built to last you many years! A large crank wheel with a spinning knob makes lifting your boat out of the water easier than ever.
  • 12-Volt DC Winch Lift: Make lifting your boat even easier! The push of a button is all you need to get your boat in and out of the water with FLOE’s 12-Volt DC Winch Lift.

Vertical Screw Drive (VSD) Lifts

Save time and spend more hours enjoying the lake with FLOE’s VSD Lifts. Raise and lower your boat in about half the time it takes most other powered lifts to do the same job.

  • Key switch included for added security.
  • Ball screw lift technology eliminates winches and hydraulics. The gearhead motor within the electric drivetrain spins the screw so the ball and nut smoothly travel back and forth as it pulls the lifting cable for a whisper-quiet operation.

Pivot Lifts

Durable and made to stand the test of time, FLOE Pivot Lifts are ideal for small boats and personal watercrafts. Available in several different models, each pivot lift comes standard with a manual winch lift featuring aluminum pulleys and stainless steel fasteners, an automatic load-holding brake, and a smooth no-bind operation.

Canopies and More!

FLOE canopies are made with premium grade, solution dyed water-resistant fabric that weighs 50% less than the classic vinyl canopies. This rip-resistant fabric is urethane coated and UV protected for durability. A patented Quick Clip System and Elastic Tension Belt makes installing and removing your canopy easier than other most other canopy systems. FLOE canopy systems come in a variety of colors and options including:

  • Mesh Ends for high wind areas.
  • Bird Deterrents
  • Offered in green, gray, blue, and black.
  • Maxis Canopy System with deeper sides and more protection, these canopies offer easier access to boats with towers and bimini tops with the push of a button!

FLOE’s boats lifts also come with a large variety of accessories and add-ons to make each lift fit your needs. From unique bunk systems to guide-in and parking assists, and a variety of boat lift accessories, FLOE’s lifts can fit your needs and budget!

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