How To Measure Your Boat Cover

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Posted by Lakeshore Equipment Company Inc.
4 years ago | August 23, 2016

How To Measure Your Cover:

Pick your canopy frame style from the list below.

ShoreMaster Characteristics:

  • Rounded end panels
  • Vent flaps
  • Slight peak in middle
  • Flat bar running the length of the inside, providing a place to attach bungee

FLOE Characteristics:

  • Flat end panels
  • Pitched roof
  • Wider rail at bottom of side rail, no second flat bar between ribs

Newmans Characteristics:

  • Rounded roof (not straight pitched)
  • Rounded end panels – gazebo-like

Hewitt Characteristics:

  • Several styles available
  • Tower canopy (high arched)
  • Peak roof canopy (distinctly all straight slopes)

Standard canopies:

  • Rounded ends and sides
  • No cross bars for attaching

Pier Pleasure Characteristics:

  • Flat end panels
  • Peaked roof
  • Slight radius at bottom of the side panels
  • Flat bar on sides and ends for installation

Porta-Dock Characteristics:

  • Flat end panels
  • Deeper height
  • Flat bar running on ends and sides for installation
  • Not a straight peaked roof, bends partway through

Dock Rite Characteristics:

  • Peak roof, straight
  • Flat end panels
  • Deeper drop on sides
  • Round bar running the length of the sides for attachment
  • Measuring For Your Cover

If you have identified your canopy frame, read the following to learn how to measure it:

  • Count the number of ribs.
  • Measure the Overall Length in feet. Make a note, is this the inside measurement or the
    outside measurement?
  • Measure the Overall Width in inches. Again note, is this the inside measurement or the
    outside measurement?

Which is your method of attachment: Bungees, Straps or Clips?


Measuring Frames: Measure total length (straight plane) and inside width.

Measuring vinyl: to determine length measure from one end seam (where rounded ends are welded to main body) to the other end seam and then add 3’.

To determine width measure from the bottom of scallop on one side all the way to the opposite side.

96 = 137” 

108 = 158” 

120 = 170”

Shore Station:

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Measure the length of the side rail (not including ends).
  • Add two feet and that equals your overall length.
  • Then Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches.

Example: Side tube measures 20′, so the overall length is 22′. Inside width is 108″, so the size of the canopy is a 22′ x 108″

Steel Frame:

  • Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches.
  • Next, count the loose ribs of the frame (don’t include the ends).
  • The number of ribs correlates with a specific length as follows: Ribs overall length 719’821’923’1025‘

Example: The inside width measures 98″ and I have 8 loose ribs, so my frame is 21′ x 98″

Porta Lift, Pier Pleasure & FLOE:

Measuring frames: Measure total length of frame (straight plane) Measure inside width.

Measuring Vinyl: To determine length measure corner seam to corner seam length wise.

To determine width measure one end corner to corner then subtract 2 to 4” and apply to the measurements listed in ShoreMaster Fabric catalog.


  • 20 or shorter with 100” width or narrower are flat end canopies.
  • ALL 20’ canopies with a 110” width or wider are flared end canopies (or rounded corner frames)
  • Measuring frames: Measure total length of frame (straight plane)
  • Measure inside width