Zebra mussel in Minnesota Lakes

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Posted by Lakeshore Equipment Company Inc.
9 years ago | March 23, 2012

Sourced from : MN State DNR Wesbite

Zebra Mussels are a continuing threat to the lakes and shore of Minnesota.  Read the below information to learn the impacts of Zebra Mussels on your lake.

“Zebra mussels can cause problems for lakeshore residents and recreationists. Homeowners that take lake water to water lawns can have their intakes clogged. Mussels may attach to motors and possibly clog cooling water areas. Shells can cause cuts and scrapes if they grow large enough on rocks, swim rafts and ladders. Anglers may lose tackle as the shells can cut fishing line. Zebra mussels can also attach to native mussels, killing them. Zebra mussels filter plankton from the surrounding water. This filtering can increase water clarity, which might cause more aquatic vegetation to grow at deeper depths and more dense stands. If a lake has high numbers of mussels over large areas, this filter feeding could impact the food chain, reducing food for larval fish.”

Take proper care to assure no Zebra Mussels have attached to your boat or recreational vehicle.  Mussels can be found on boats, nets, docks or swimming platforms like ladders.  Mussels can also be found attached to plants, which harms the native vegetation of the lake.